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Can You Freeze Tartar Sauce? Easy Guide to Freeze Tartar Sauce

In this article, you will know the answer to the query “Can You Freeze Tartar Sauce?“.

Mayonnaise, pickles, and other ingredients combine to make tartar sauce, a creamy condiment.

There is a tangy flavor to it with a bit of sweetness to it.

In many parts of the world, it is served alongside fried fish, eggs, and even hamburgers.

Depending on your preference, tartar sauce can be served hot or cold.

Whenever you cook and serve fish with tartar sauce, you can serve it chilled.

You can serve it at room temperature if you are serving it with onion rings, french fries, etc.

If you intend to serve it cold, make sure you refrigerate the tartar sauce first.

By doing this, you will prevent the growth of bacteria in the sauce and prolong its shelf life.

In a food processor, chopped pickles and other ingredients are combined to create tartar sauce.

After blending the mixture with mayonnaise, it becomes thick and creamy.

It can be refrigerated for about a week. However, tartar sauce cannot be frozen.

Since this sauce contains mayonnaise and pickles, you must discard the prepared tartar sauce within 48 hours of preparing it.

We will look at how to freeze tartar sauce in this article, along with reasons not to freeze this dip.

Let’s get started.

How to Prepare and Make Tartar Sauce?

There are many ways to prepare tartar sauce, which is a tasty dipping condiment.

The reason people love tartar sauce is that it masks the fishy flavor of fish and seafood.

Any dish that requires dipping will benefit from this tangy, mouth-watering sauce.

This recipe can be used for everything from sandwiches to fish fry to homemade chips.

In order to make a delicious tartar sauce for fish, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Half a cup of mayonnaise (homemade or store-bought).
  • 3 tablespoons chopped dill pickles.
  • Approximately 2 tablespoons chopped sweet gherkins.
  • One tablespoon of chopped and drained capers.
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves.
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce.
  • A half teaspoon of Dijon mustard may be added.
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt is recommended.

Here are the steps you can follow for preparing tartar sauce:

  • All of the ingredients should be combined in a small bowl and mixed well until all ingredients are blended well.
  • Sprinkle the mixture with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Store the mixture at room temperature in an airtight container.

Does Freezing Affect Tartar Sauce?

Since this sauce is made from mayonnaise and pickles, you should not freeze it.

The freezing process alters the texture of tartar sauce, making it very unpleasant to consume.

As previously mentioned, tartar sauce is made from mayonnaise and pickles, which may change when frozen.

Using sweet gherkins in this recipe will also discolor the tartar sauce and change its color.

Also, the mayonnaise used in the preparation of this sauce separates upon freezing, which is not desirable.

Due to its vulnerability to freezing, you really should not freeze it.

Preparation can be done as per requirement or it can be served cold or at room temperature as soon as prepared.

What Happens When You Freeze Tartar Sauce?

In several ways, tartar sauce can be affected by freezing. The smooth texture of this sauce will change when it’s frozen, and so will its consistency.

You might have difficulty blending completely or spreading the mixture on different dishes.

Furthermore, the color can also change, making it look unappetizing and uninteresting.

Freezing temperatures also alter the taste of pickles used to prepare tartar sauce.

As a result, you shouldn’t freeze tartar sauce. You can also alter the taste of this dipping condiment by freezing pickles and mayonnaise.

In addition to losing freshness and color, it might also lose its flavor when frozen.

Because tartar sauce can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature, you will never find a recipe for freezing it.

Mayonnaise separates when frozen most of the time.

When the sauce is frozen, it turns into a disaster. If it breaks down, it will be hard to get it back to its original state.

If you wish to keep tartar sauce in the freezer, you can prepare it yourself.

Mayonnaise can be left out of the preparation and added later.

The tartar sauce can be frozen partially prepared and then mayonnaise can be added later.

Best Way to Store Tartar Sauce in Fridge?

A refrigerator is considered better than a freezer for storing tartar sauce.

You can store this dipping condiment in the refrigerator for one week without any problems.

To ensure that this sauce stays fresh and tastes great, it must be stored in an airtight container.

Tartar sauce should be stored immediately after preparation if you are cooking fish or seafood dishes. Otherwise, it will mold and spoil quickly.

Put the date of preparation on the container so that you can use it before the expiration date.

How to Make Tartar Sauce Taste Better?

It doesn’t mean that your tartar sauce is spoiled if it becomes a bit watery or wobbly suddenly.

Tartar sauce that is fresh and has a great taste will thicken even after being frozen for weeks.

Since freezing does not affect the taste of mayonnaise, there have to be other factors behind this, since you know that your mayonnaise is good.

Try making tartar sauce again and adding lemon juice or a few drops of your favorite seasoning if the taste seems off.

The fresher flavor will result from this.

To make tartar sauce taste better, you can add some dill pickle juice or minced fresh garlic when blending the ingredients for the sauce.

In addition, adding a little mustard powder will enhance the flavor.

How to Tell if Tartar Sauce is Bad?

It can be difficult to remember when you made the tartar sauce at home and whether it is good or bad. Here are some tips for how to determine whether your frozen tartar sauce is still safe to use.

There must be some problem with the tartar sauce container if it is bulging or bloated.

A build-up of bacteria inside it may be causing it to trap air, causing the problem.

If you notice any change in color or consistency, then your tartar sauce has gone bad.

The color changes from yellowish-green to dark brown or black and from semi-transparent to slightly thickened, sticky, and translucent.

The smell of your tartar sauce will also tell you if it is spoiled.

There is a possibility that your tartar sauce has gone bad if you notice a fishy odor.

Although an odd smell is not always a sign of spoilage, it is still wise to check for other signs before using it.


As such, tartar sauce is not something you should freeze as it completely changes its taste when frozen.

Tartar sauce can be stored in the refrigerator. You should keep it in the refrigerator and use it within two weeks if you want to keep it for a long time.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any more questions or doubts regarding tartar sauce and its preservation.

Can You Freeze Tartar Sauce? Easy Guide to Freeze Tartar Sauce


15 minutes


15 minutes


30 minutes


  • Tartar sauce
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  • Labels and markers


  • Mayonnaise and pickles are the key ingredients in this sauce, so it really shouldn’t be frozen.
  • Tartar sauce loses its texture when frozen, making it unappealing to consume.

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