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Can You Freeze Halloumi? Easy Guide to Freeze Halloumi

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The cheese halloumi comes from Cyprus and is semi-hard and chewy. Sheep, goat, cow, or goat’s milk can all be used to make the product.

There are even times when it comes in a combination. Halloumi is mildly salty and incredibly delicious.

The firm texture allows it to cook beautifully. After being exposed to high temperatures, it maintains its flavor and texture.

Halloumi is considered a delicacy by many people, so seeing it in the grocery store is a pleasant surprise.

You can freeze halloumi, and it will keep its shape.

Halloumi can last longer than other cheeses when frozen for six months with minimal quality loss.

The main reasons for this are its unique semi-hard texture and cooking method.

There may be a slight texture shift in the cheese, but it will not affect its quality.

In addition, the cheese won’t change in flavor after freezing.

Keep reading to learn how to freeze Halloumi correctly for great long-term storage.

Why Consider Freezing Halloumi? Does Freezing Affect Halloumi?

The flavor of most cheeses will diminish after they have been frozen for some time.

Cheese can be frozen because its structure changes from a liquid state to a solid-state.

As soon as the cheese is frozen, bacteria pathogens have a harder time growing.

Halloumi is different from other cheeses in that it can be frozen and maintain its firm texture and flavor.

It can be stored in the freezer for up to nine months without losing any quality.

The best way to preserve cheese is to freeze it within a week after purchasing it or receiving it.

Despite the fact that Halloumi can last longer than most cheeses if exposed to the freezer, it’s best to eat it within seven months.

By performing this step, you will help prevent rancidity and flavor loss associated with most refrigerated cheeses that have been frozen for a long time.

Cheese that has been frozen has a slightly different texture.

Because of the way they taste buds interact with the texture, it causes a slight change in its overall flavor profile.

Halloumi will not taste as good when frozen as when it is kept in the fridge, but many people find that freezing it helps prevent waste.

How to Freeze Halloumi Block?

It is possible to freeze the Halloumi as an entire block if you do not want to cut it up before freezing.

It is easier to freeze a whole block of Halloumi than slices because there is less risk of the cheese drying out and becoming brittle.

The whole block should be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil before being placed into a freezer-safe bag.

As a result, the packaging will be protected from air entry and oxidation will be prevented.

Before defrosting the block, you will also need to remove it from its packaging.

After unwrapping the block, cut it into smaller pieces to make thawing easier.

Additionally, after freezing each piece, turn it over so that the exposed side does not become discolored.

You can freeze the halloumi block in its original packaging as follows:

  • Slice the cheese into approximately 1/4 lb pieces after it has been unwrapped.
  • Cover each piece with several layers of plastic wrap.
  • Sealable bags can then be placed in each piece to avoid freezer burn. They can also be returned to their original packaging to prevent freezer burn.
  • Label the bags with the expiration date for easy identification.
  • Before eating the Halloumi, let it defrost for about a day.

How to Freeze Sliced Halloumi?

The most common way to prepare halloumi is to slice it thinly. Slices can be cooked in a pan or oven after they have been cooked.

Choosing to slice the Halloumi before freezing will make preparing and cooking it easier. To freeze Halloumi, follow these steps:

  • Haloumi can be sliced as thin as you like before freezing.
  • Spread the slices between sheets of wax paper or parchment paper before freezing.
  • Cover the slices tightly with plastic wrap. To prevent freezer burn, the plastic should also cover the corners of the cheese.
  • All these cheese slices can be placed in a freezer-safe bag.
  • It’s easiest to identify when it’s time to eat when the bag is marked with the date.

How to Thaw Frozen Halloumi?

The texture of halloumi must be carefully thawed to avoid destroying it. When Halloumi is frozen, the texture becomes somewhat hard.

When too much air and moisture are present during the thawing process, the product can dry out rapidly.

It is best to thaw it in a refrigerator to avoid these problems. Thawing should take about two days if everything is done correctly.

In the event that you don’t have room in your refrigerator for both the cheese and your other food, you might want to make use of a separate cooler instead.

By doing this, the Halloumi will be less likely to thaw quickly.

Halloumi should not be thawed at room temperature because bacteria could grow and cause food poisoning.

Microwaving halloumi is also not recommended. This causes the exterior of the cheese to be bumpy because the cheese is cooked unevenly in the microwave.

Due to uneven heating throughout the package, these bumps are caused by moisture condensation inside the packaging.

How to Use Thawed Halloumi?

The Halloumi should be removed from its packaging after it has thawed in the refrigerator.

There may be some differences in the texture of the cheese depending on how long it is spent in storage.

You’ll need to break apart any dried-out pieces with a knife or your hands if this is the case.

Once the Halloumi has been sliced into smaller pieces, it can be used.

The following are some ways you can use thawed cheese:

Cheese can be cut into strips and used as skewers for vegetables, fruits, and other meats.

Cheese can be cut into slabs and placed on a grilling tray if you’d prefer to skip this step.

Halloumi slices can be used as a sandwich filling, in salads, sandwiches, and paninis.

Make the dish even more flavorful by adding some cooked vegetables.

Thawed Halloumi is often used to make Halloumi fries.

You can fry some strips until they are golden brown, and then drain them.

It is also possible to cut the cheese into slices and eat it as is.

Don’t worry if you can’t use the Halloumi exactly the way you bought it. There are plenty of other options you can choose from.

How to Tell if Frozen Halloumi is Bad?

When kept in the freezer, halloumi can last up to 6 months.

In order to avoid eating bad Halloumi, make sure to check the package’s expiration date.

This will prevent you from eating meat that has been thawed and then refrozen in your refrigerator.

Foods that have been thawed should be consumed within two days. You can also tell if Halloumi is bad in other ways.

If you open the package and find that it smells strange or looks different from before, such as brown spots on the cheese, do not consume it.

Whenever you see mold, throw it away. You should not eat cheese that has mold on it.

It’s best to touch the cheese if you’re not sure if it’s good or bad.

You probably shouldn’t eat anything that appears sticky, slimy, gummy, or tacky.

In the event that Halloumi’s packaging is damaged, such as a torn plastic wrap, a punctured bag, mold spots on the cheese, or a torn seal, do not eat it.

You can use these methods to figure out if frozen Halloumi has gone bad, and then replace any products you don’t want to eat.


It is possible to freeze Halloumi, but many precautions have to be taken during the freezing process to prevent the cheese from becoming damaged.

Once it has been placed in the freezer, it should be consumed within a few weeks or frozen.

Additionally, keep in mind that frozen Halloumi will be slightly different after it has been thawed than when it is first bought.

The texture of the cheese, for instance, might feel harder and chewier.

In this case, make adjustments to your recipes accordingly.

Can You Freeze Halloumi? Easy Guide to Freeze Halloumi


15 minutes


15 minutes


30 minutes


  • Halloumi cheese
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  • Labels and markers


  • Unwrap the cheese, and cut it into approximately 1/4 lb pieces.
  • Wrap each piece tightly with a couple of layers of plastic wrap.
  • Place these wrapped blocks in sealable bags to prevent freezer burn. You can also place them back into their original packaging to prevent freezer burn.
  • Mark the bags with the expiration dates for easy identification.
  • Let the Halloumi defrost for about a day before eating it.

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