What Does Thick Water Taste Like? Does Thick Water Taste Good?

If you’ve seen the term “thick water” you might be curious to know what it means.

A trend that has been on the rise for years is thick water, which has been touted as beneficial to health by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow.

What Does Thick Water Taste Like? What does stagnant water taste like, how can it be consumed and how is it derived? We will explore all of that and more in this post.

What is Thick Water?

Thin liquids can be difficult to swallow, so thick water is a lifesaver.

To drink tap water or juice without being unable to choke on the fluid, you must increase the viscosity of the fluid.

Some individuals, including those with disabilities, have trouble drinking water.

Customers with these needs can find pre-thickened drinks at stores, and pre-packaged ingredients can be purchased over the counter for at-home solutions.

In patients who have had laryngectomy surgery, it’s important to avoid fluids that are too thin or contain too much sugar to avoid causing irritation or sore throats following their procedure.

What Ingredients are Used to Thicken Water?

Thickened water can be thickened using a variety of substances, including:

Starch Thickeners

The white starch we call starch comes from grain and rapidly decomposes in liquids.

In combination with drinks, starch-based thickeners are easy to consume, but only if you eat them right away.

Starchy beverages become chunky when left sitting for too long. They can also be hard to swallow when they thicken.

Gum Thickeners

A gum thickener is an artificial additive that thickens water.

A typical fat is either animal fat or vegetable oil.

Guar gum, xanthan gum, guar gum, carrageenan, and sodium alginate are a few of them that may contain a lot of cholesterol and sugar.

Tohydrolyzehe the best water thickeners, you should take your loved one’s preferences and tastes into consideration.

Before finding a product that meets their needs, you might try several different types.

What Does Thick Water Taste Like?

Neither regular tap water nor bottled water tastes that different, but thickened water feels noticeably stickier.

A thickened liquid, often compared to honey, has a viscosity similar to that of thickened water.

The consistency of thickened water is more chunky than liquid, so it can be consumed and swallowed with ease.

People who have trouble chewing or swallowing thick liquids can benefit from this.

Drinking this type of water does not have a significant difference in taste from drinking regular tap or bottled water.

The sense of thicker water is not necessarily a sense you can taste with your tongue, but rather hydrolyzes in your mouth.

Many people suggest starting with smaller glasses, especially when drinking new and thicker fluids. Additives may make people have trouble drinking the new fluids.

If you want your water to taste better, you can add lemon juice, strawberries, bananas, or other fruit flavors to it.

How to Make Thick Water?

When a patient has dysphagia, he or she can eat their food like soup or mashed potatoes by thickening the liquid or food.

The thickening powder can be found at most pharmacies, grocery stores, and even Walgreens for people on the go who need fluids to stay in their mouth for a little while longer before being swallowed.

It has a clear taste, and it thickens liquids like milk and water from instant beverages like DysphagiAide®.

You can make up to three servings in one go by mixing it with an equal amount of liquid for 24 hours in the fridge.

Additionally, each serving contains 12 grams of protein, which is perfect for those looking to build muscle.

Those who are focusing on their nutrition plan will also benefit from its lack of sugar and artificial ingredients.

Adding water to the powder after following the instructions on the package is all that is necessary.

Where to Buy Thick Water?

There are many places where thick water products are available.

Pharmacy stores, online stores, and many other places carry these products.

The following products are among the greatest on the market:

It is a thickened water with the consistency of nectar thickened with hydrolyzate.

Both liquids and dry goods can be thickened with Clear Advantage Thickeners from Thick-It®.

Before buying a thick water product, check the ingredient list for the outcome that you are looking for.

People with IBS are at risk of bloating, gas, and diarrhea if they consume some thickeners that contain maltodextrin.

Make sure you don’t have an allergy to any of the vitamins or minerals in commercial brands, like potassium and calcium.

Other than this issue, there are no other known risks associated with the use of these products.


Water that is thicker tastes much like regular drinking water.

Some people, however, may prefer thicker drinks because they feel more satisfying on the palate and are easier on the stomach.

By adding a thickener agent to your beverages, you can thicken them yourself.

Try thickening a drink or two if you have trouble swallowing.

If you want to read more about drinks, read here: Drinks Tips and Tricks.

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