What Does Root Beer Taste Like? Does Root Beer Taste Good?

It is a fact that root beer is making a huge comeback. It is a fact that root beer is making a huge comeback. A fact is that root beer is making a huge comeback. It did not completely disappear from the market.

However, in recent years, revived marketing and endorsements from social media influencers have generated greater interest.

In this article, you will get the answer to “What Does Root Beer Taste Like?

Soft drinks like this are very popular in Northern America. The popularity of these drinks is not dependent on geographical location. Among the younger generation, root beer is considered to be a trendy drink.

Despite that, a common question that we get asked regarding root beer is what does it taste like. The reason is that root beer contains multiple ingredients, making it a complex drink.

To learn how root beer tastes, we will attempt to describe its taste today. Additionally, we discuss ways that you can make this soft drink into food.

What is Root Beer?

North America is one of the most popular places in the world to drink root beer. Sassafras bark is used for making this kind of scarf because it has a high tannin content.

Root beer is also made from the sarsaparilla vine, which is another way to use the plant. Safrole’s main compound however has been banned by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

According to some sources, safrole seems to possess carcinogenic properties.

There are many commercial root beers today that have artificial flavors that replicate the taste of sassafras. In some cases, sassafras extract without safrole is still used by some companies.

While this is true, some of the drinks may also contain a small amount of caffeine, a soda, and a very small amount of alcohol.

Root beers are characterized by a thick frothy appearance that is different from regular beers. The appearance is particularly distinctive when the drink is poured out.

This is one of the distinctive characteristics of this sweet drink. Traditional root beer had a foam made from sassafras roots.

However, most modern root beer companies add foam to their drinks by carbonating the components that make up the root beer.

What Does Root Beer Taste Like? Does Root Beer Taste Good?

Root beer tastes good because it is sweet. Despite this, root beer has a lot more to offer than just sugary ingredients that grab your attention.

It has been customary to add sassafras extract in root beer that has been useful for centuries in both medicine and cosmetics. There will be people who will say that root beer has a medicinal taste, so you will come across people who will say this.

There is also a taste of acidity in some commercial root beers made by famous companies.

There is also vanilla extract and other spices used by most companies, so the beer tastes good too. There is also significant variation in the taste of root beer between brands.

Some root beer brands, such as A&W, are known for their creamy taste with vanilla notes. Conversely, the Sioux City ones are flavored with vanilla and have a considerable amount of fizz.

As far as its taste is concerned, root beer is a bland beverage. Many people claim that root beer is an acquired taste.

North America is the only place where this sweet soft drink can be found. This means that people outside of North America either like root beer or they don’t.

You can read about an interesting conversation about the taste of root beer at this link.

Root beer has a higher nutritional value than other beverages.

Essentially, root beer is a soft drink. Comparatively to other beverages, soft drinks have no nutritional value.

However, the USDA reports root beer to have a nutritional value of 100 grams as follows:

Sodium – 13 gm

Carbohydrates – 11 gm

Sugar – 11 gm

Potassium – 1 gm

In a 100 gram serving of regular root beer, there are 41 calories

It should be noted that root beer’s nutritional value differs slightly between varieties. There is also a possibility that single brands of root beer have different nutritional values.

How to Cook with Root Beer?

The recipes of many chefs, both professionals, and amateurs alike, call for soft drinks and carbonated drinks. Root beer is rarely used as a cooking ingredient.

You can use root beer as an ingredient in some recipes, however, to make them more interesting and unique.

Using its complex flavor, a mundane dish can become a restaurant-quality meal in no time.

Root beer can be incorporated into your recipes in several ways, including:

  • Baking cakes
  • Sweet caramel
  • BBQ
  • Fried chicken
  • Stir-fried vegetables
  • Baked beans
  • Ice-creams

Take a look at these fantastic root beer recipes on HuffPost.

There are no serious precautions to take when cooking with root beer. The best culinary move is to follow a few tips and tricks. Among them are:

Let the root beer come to room temperature by removing it from the refrigerator. The taste of the other ingredients may be impacted if the beer is too cold. A hot beer will also negatively impact the taste. It is best to bring the root beer to room temperature first unless it is called for sizzling hot or ice-cold.

The beer should be measured out with a liquid measuring cup. Since root beer is not a food that is easily measured by sight, you should use a liquid measuring cup.

If you are planning to use diet root beer, please refrain from doing so. If you use diet root beer in cooking, you might find it to be bland.

Ensure that the vessel is uncovered when boiling root beer.

Make sure the vessel you use for boiling root beer has a heavy bottom.

You should always let the beer cool before adding other ingredients.


On a hot summer’s day, there is nothing better than a great bottle of ice-cold root beer. Although it is usually non-alcoholic, root beer is an incredibly refreshing beverage.

It is wonderful that both adults and kids can enjoy this classic North American drink.

You can pair it with liberal amounts of ice cream for a perfect day!

Make sure you give it a try because it is delicious and sweet.

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