What Does Irn Bru Taste Like? Does Irn Bru Taste Good?

Soft drinks like Irn Bru are among the most popular in Scotland.

Despite its bright orange color, it has an interesting ginger kick that makes it taste like a citrus-flavored soda with a bit of a kick.

Since 1901, Irn Bru has been made by Scottish pharmacist Robert Barr, and it has become a Scottish national treasure.

In this article, you will read about “What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?“.

Irn Bru looks and smells familiar, but few people are able to say its name or describe its flavor.

What is Irn Bru?

Since 1901, Irn Bru has been produced in Scotland as a carbonated soft drink.

Traditional breweries serve AG Barr.

Iron Brew, pronounced Iron Bru, is the name of Scotland’s national drink – Irn Bru.

With a cult following throughout the world, the distinctive taste has been enjoyed for generations.

Today, it remains deeply rooted in the culture of Scotland and is referred to as the ‘other national drink of Scotland’.

The tangy flavor makes it stand out from other carbonated beverages on the market today.

Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit combine with bubblegum or blackcurrant cordial to create this beverage.

It is also healthier than other fizzy pop drinks (at just 4,7 grams of sugar per 330ml can) and contains less sugar than most soft drinks.

Nutritional Facts of Irn Bru

All sodas pale in comparison to Irn Bru.

Drinks like this have been around for over a century, making Scotland’s biggest export and iconic drink.

Known for its distinctive taste, eye-catching orange color, and iconic swigging gesture, the glass is renowned for its unique taste and deep orange color.

Even though Irn Bru only contained a small handful of ingredients, it survived the test of time.

The drink has sustained its popularity for well over a century in part because of its energy-boosting and hangover-curing properties.

A bottle of Irn Bru contains only four ingredients: carbonated water, sugar (sucrose), salt, and flavorings.

As it contains about one-third the amount of caffeine found in coffee or tea, Irn Bru contains a negligible amount of caffeine.

Just over half of the sugar is sucrose, which is a comparatively low amount compared to other soft drinks.

Compared to standard American colas, the amount in those drinks is double.

What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?

It has a deep flavor of blackcurrant and is quite sweet, making it a perfect mixer for making your own special soda.

According to some people, it tastes like oranges and blackcurrants, but others describe it as “fizzy bubblegum” or even “a sweetened version of Listerine”.

It’s also delicious mixed with root beer or ginger ale for a more complex taste, and it goes well with whiskey.

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Try mixing equal parts of Irish cream liqueur and Irn Bru to make an ice-cold Irish drink for St. Patrick’s Day.

How to Drink Irn Bru?

You can drink Irn Bru in many different ways.

Enjoy the effervescent goodness of it with orange juice, ginger ale (or any other carbonated beverage), or plain water.

The easiest way is to pour it into a glass filled with ice, add some of your favorite drink mixers (like lemon juice or Tabasco sauce), and stir.

A more traditional way to enjoy Irn Bru is to pour it over crushed ice in an old-fashioned highball glass – a tall iced tea goblet also works well.

Where to Buy Irn Bru?

The Scotland-made drink called Irn Bru has been enjoying a distinguished history since the 19th century.

There are many places where you can purchase it nowadays.

  • Scotland and some stores in England like Tesco and Waitrose sell the original Irn Bru, which comes in a green can and features a tartan label.
  • It has been available in convenience stores like Spar and Costcutter for a while, but it was previously only available at supermarkets.
  • Additionally, there are a number of drinks available in clear cans, including orange Diet Irn Bru, pink Irn Bru Lightly Sparkling, and blue Smooth Orange & Cream.

If you want to purchase your favorite drink during the holidays, you’ll find plenty of places to do so.


Hence, Irn Bru is the most popular Scottish soft drink of the past 130 years.

Originally created as an iron tonic, it is still marketed as “Scotland’s other national drink, full of vitamins”.

The honey-colored taste may or may not appeal to you, but we recommend you try it.

It might come as a pleasant surprise to learn that this beverage originates in another country.

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