What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like? Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Good?

As of 1992 and 1994, Crystal Pepsi was sold in the United States, in Boulder, Colorado, and in Canada. Six packs of Crystal Pepsi were sold by PepsiCo.              

Almost everyone loves this new soda since it was launched. Due to low sales, Crystal Pepsi was discontinued after some time.

After a tremendous success with an online petition in 2015, it was brought back to the market and relaunched.

In this article, we will tell you about “What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like?

Its transparent, colorless structure makes it completely different from Pepsi drinks of the usual brown color. With a hint of lemon flavor, it is mild and refreshing.

What is Crystal Pepsi?

The crystals of Pepsi have no color and are clear. When regular Pepsi and Crystal Pepsi are smelt together, they are the same.

You will see a distinct difference when comparing Crystal Pepsi to regular Pepsi. It has a sweet, bubbly taste.

The Crystal Pepsi flavor is also fruity, with a little candy taste at the end.

In addition to its lighter taste, you’ll notice Crystal Pepsi’s flavor is also somewhat different from regular Pepsi.

Pepsi Crystal is pure vegan and does not contain any animal products.

People often associate Crystal Pepsi with nostalgia, rather than with a soda. Many people re-buy Crystal Pepsi bottles as a memento of their childhood when the drink was first introduced by PepsiCo.

Nowadays, Crystal Pepsi bottles can fetch you more than $5 a bottle online, making them collectibles. There are some sellers of Crystal Pepsi on eBay who sells the bottles for up to $35.

Those who are curious about Crystal Pepsi should try it if they can find it in their area.

You aren’t going to waste your money and pour it down the drain, but it isn’t so good that you can buy more than one 20-ounce bottle.

What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like? Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Good?

According to consumers, Crystal Pepsi feels smooth going down. It is refreshing and unique.

Pepsi and lemon will taste like a regular mixture.

Crystal Pepsi has a citrus scent and a sweet brown color, but the original Pepsi is fizzy and brown with a caramel taste.

Under its transparency, it gives the impression that something is ‘pure’.

As well as that, Crystal Pepsi has a lower percentage of calories than regular Pepsi. As such, it is considered a healthier beverage than regular Pepsi.

The crystal clear color makes it an ideal choice for blending with alcohol in cocktails.

Crystal Pepsi is described as tasting like regular Pepsi with a few minor differences by Nick O’Malley from Mass Live in Massachusetts.

According to him, Crystal Pepsi is less sweet and clear with a hint of lemon. You’ll taste like you’re drinking a beer, but it’s soda.

Click here for a video review of his work.

Crystal Pepsi is described by Thrillist Tony Merevick as tasting “a lot like the dark cola that you’re used to, except maybe for that slight hint of citrus and pine that we may or may not be imagining.”

Moreover, Crystal Pepsi is a distinctive cola in its own right.

Here’s the review in its entirety.

Approximately 250 calories are in a serving of Crystal Pepsi. It contains low sodium and no fat.

Sugars and carbohydrates make up 69 grams of this food. Having Crystal Pepsi at breakfast is a great idea.

How to Drink Crystal Pepsi?

It is always better to drink soda chilled. Pepsi Crystal tastes equally as good chilled.

One of the best things about Crystal Pepsi is that you can drink them even at room temperature.

It is often enjoyed with whiskey by consumers who drink Crystal Pepsi. Many people enjoy it.

The top 3 drinks with Crystal Pepsi are curated by Chad Eschman from Vinepair, New York City. Here they are:

  1. One of the wildest cherries. Vodka and Crystal Pepsi are the ingredients
  2. The power of the turtle. Pepsi Crystals and White Rum are the ingredients
  3. Kalimotxo, Crystal. Pepsi Crystal and White Wine combine to make this drink

Detailed information about the blend and servings can be found here.

Crystal Pepsi mixed with Captain Morgan rum was quite different from mixing regular Pepsi with it, according to Tom from Antifoodie.

In addition, he says he took another sip after waiting a few minutes, and this time it wasn’t nearly as bad.

It seemed like everything came together nicely, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.”

It is clear, however, that many reviewers aren’t certain whether Crystal Pepsi is okay or not. Many people are curious to try it since it is unique.

We recommend trying it out too.


The money you spend will be worth it. Walmart, Target, and Amazon continue to carry Crystal Pepsi. Since its reintroduction, it has been a success.

Here’s where you can get it from Amazon. Alternatively, you can purchase it here at Lick & Chew Sweet Supplies.

There has even been a #BringBackCrystalPepsi movement creating a buzz on social media.

Click here to read the NBC New York article.

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