What Does Yellow Watermelon Taste Like? Does Yellow Watermelon Taste Good?

In this article, you will know the answer to the query “What Does Yellow Watermelon Taste Like?“.

Traditional red watermelons come in yellow varieties.

People tend to prefer them to other types because they’re sweeter and more delicate.

You can learn about the taste of yellow watermelons, how they grow, and how to use them after they are harvested in this article.

What is Yellow Watermelon?

Sweet and juicy, yellow watermelon is a variety of fruit that is both sweet and tangy.

In the case of this type of watermelon, the flesh will be yellow in color and more intense than the other types, such as red or pink.

Depending on how ripe they are when harvested, the color can range from light to dark yellow; however, the taste is the same.

Watermelons with similar seeds can be found in all sizes, shapes, and numbers.

Watermelons of this kind taste better once cut, so people believe they are sweeter, but this isn’t always the case.

Yellow watermelons are known to be successful because they can be harvested in 70 days, unlike other varieties that typically take 65-70 days.

Watermelons in the yellow variety should be eaten fresh since they have a short shelf life and can’t be stored like those in a pink variety or red variety.

Yellow Watermelon vs Red Watermelon

Unlike tomatoes and red grapefruit, yellow watermelons lack lycopene, which is responsible for their red coloration.

Compared to yellow watermelons, red watermelons contain a lot of lycopene, which is mainly found in the rind.

Despite being grown year-round, yellow watermelons do not change much in taste after the fruiting season.

A red watermelon’s flavor changes from sour to sweet as it ripens, with an additional tangy note from the citric acid.

Despite being sweet on their own, yellow watermelons make a terrific addition to all types of fruit salads thanks to their tartness, which is perfect for balancing out other flavors.

The little guys will retain more nutrients due to their higher acidity levels, which helps prevent spoilage by bacteria and microorganisms longer than their fruitier counterparts.

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Yellow Watermelon

It’s boring to eat watermelons.

Let me tell you something – going to a farmer’s market and seeing an entire stand of yellow melons when all I want is honeydew is the most disappointing thing ever.

Don’t give up, though.

Yellow watermelon offers many benefits that justify the effort you put into eating it.

In addition to preventing prostate cancer, lycopene can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

It doesn’t end there.

As a natural immune booster, lycopene might also reduce the symptoms of arthritis, menstrual cramps, and fibromyalgia.

In addition, yellow watermelons contain potassium, which is good for your heart because it regulates blood pressure and keeps sodium levels in check.

Furthermore, yellow watermelons contain beta-carotene, which can protect cells from free radical damage.

It also protects against sunburn.

A study from California Polytechnic State University found that eating one serving of raw yellow watermelon a day may help people lose weight as it contains high levels of soluble fiber.

Melon’s health benefits are often overlooked, but they make a great addition to your summer diet.

What Does Yellow Watermelon Taste Like?

There is a watermelon variety called yellow watermelon, bred to be a vibrant yellow color.

A standard red watermelon tastes almost identical to this watermelon, with only slight differences in taste and texture.

The sweetness of seedless watermelons makes them more popular than those with seeds.

As a result of their rarity, they are also more expensive and are usually only available at certain times of the year.

Yellow watermelons have a tangy flavor from the natural sugar in them.

Also, these varieties will be less bitter than the deep red ones, making them a perfect end of summer, beginning of fall snack.

How to Eat Yellow Watermelon?

Yellow watermelon is easy to eat.

Eat one half or slice up a piece after cutting it in half and scooping out the seeds.

Sugar content increases as the fruit mature on the vine, making it particularly attractive.

A yellow watermelon can also be used to make refreshing drinks.

You should first cut it into cubes, then blend it with some cold water in a blender until smooth.

Making a salad with watermelon pieces is another option.

Then drizzle on some dressing to make it flavorful, and serve.

Where to Buy Yellow Watermelon?

Watermelon stands are everywhere this time of year.

Summer is just around the corner, and the days are growing longer.

This season, we should stock up on sweet yellow watermelons for barbecues to keep cool.

Your local grocery store or farmer’s market is the first place I would recommend looking for seasonal produce.

If, however, you cannot find any at your local store, what should you do?

The best yellow watermelon varieties can be found online or in specialty grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market.

You can also buy yellow watermelons by joining a CSA, which is like buying produce in bulk from local farms.


The fruit tastes refreshingly sweet despite looking like it has been baked in the sun.

Yellow watermelon is worth trying if you want to eat your summer produce in a new and exciting way.

You can find this unique melon at your local grocery store or farmers’ market if you’re interested in giving it a try.

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