What Does Sriracha Taste Like? Does Sriracha Taste Good?

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As a matter of first importance, the proper pronunciation is See-rotch-ah.

You will associate Huy Fong with Sriracha sauce if you have used it in a recipe or to season food.

Huy Fong is however only the brand name and not the sauce. The name is taken from a ship that transported David Tran and more than 3,000 refugees from Vietnam to the United States during the Vietnam War.

Established in 1980 in Los Angeles, Huy Fong offers a wide range of services.

As an interesting fact, David Tran, the company’s founder, is believed to be of Chinese descent, though he migrated to the US from Vietnam.

The name Sriracha does not refer to any spice or pepper but rather to a coastal town in Thailand.

What is Sriracha?

Red jalapeno peppers or chiles are used to make this Asian-style spicy sauce. Originally, it was made with Serrano peppers, which have a much stronger flavor.

It is more than just another sauce, even though it is considered a sauce. Sriracha is a unique blend of ingredients prepared in a specific way.

Sriracha is also different from other salsas in that it pairs well with any type of food, whereas other sauces have a limited range of uses.

The pioneers Huy Fong usually packaged their Sriracha sauce in a clear plastic bottle with a green cap with a nozzle for pouring.

What Does Sriracha Taste Like? Does Sriracha Taste Good?

There is a lot of heat in Sriracha sauce. From one brand to another, the level of spiciness and taste may vary.

We will use Huy Fong as a standard because it is the most commonly used brand.

Huy Fong sauce bottles, which have 225 grams or 9 ounces of sauce in them, clearly state that the sauce is made from sun-dried chilies.

Neither artificial colors nor flavors are used. As a result, the flavor is similar to sun-dried chilies.

Comparison with other Peppers

To measure the heat levels of different peppers you would need to understand the Scoville scale to determine how it tastes compared to other spices. 

The jalapeno has heat units ranging from 2,500 to 8,000 on the lower side of the Scoville scale.

Hungarian peppers are slightly hotter than Poblano peppers.

Nutritional value

It is quite interesting to note that a teaspoon that can hold 5 grams of sugar has no calories, as stated on the label of a 9-ounce bottle.

Those who are calorie conscious will appreciate the lack of trans fat and saturated fat. Only 1% of the calories come from carbohydrates.

Potassium is 17 mg, calcium is 1 mg, and sodium is 75 mg. The nutrition label makes it clear that Sriracha sauce is meant to be used as a seasoning.

Sriracha sauce is mostly used for flavoring hot dogs, hamburgers, noodles, pizza, pasta, and French fries.

It is used primarily as a flavor enhancer to enhance the taste of food.

How to Use Sriracha in Recipes?

Sriracha goes well with many different dishes. Here are some suggestions:

Pour it over Chex Mix and put it in the oven with soy sauce, butter, ginger, and garlic paste.

When preparing popcorn in a dish or popcorn machine, pour it on top.

Garlic bread will taste even better with it.

Over chicken tikka skewers, pour this sauce.

If you’re going to prepare bacon-wrapped onion rings, add some Sriracha sauce to them before frying. Make your onion bacon rings extra spicy with this recipe, and they’ll have a whole new taste.

Sriracha sauce is good smearing on sausages before you wrap them in bread to make hot dogs. Adding cheese and vegetables will make the hotdog more delicious.

Try baking almonds with Sriracha, honey, or maple syrup instead of eating them plain. You can also sprinkle some salt on them.

Sriracha can also be added to drinks like Bloody Marys, Citrus Cocktails, Margaritas, and even ice cream.


Hot peppers may cause mouth burns and digestive problems for some people.

Sriracha uses red jalapenos that are perfect to use in almost any food item.

The Sriracha sauce is the best in the world and is regarded as the king of all sauces.  It can be used with all kinds of food.

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