What Does Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce Taste Like? Does Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce Taste Good?

In this article, you will know the answer to the query “What Does Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce Taste Like?“.

You can imagine what it would be like to have a hot and spicy meal without the heat.

This is where boom boom sauce comes in.

The perfect combination of spices, vinegar, sugar, and garlic enhances any dish with an incredible flavor.

Make your own using online recipes, or if you want to buy it ready-made, there are plenty of places that sell this delicious condiment.

What is this sauce, what does it taste like, and how does it work? In this blog post, we will learn all about this great sauce.

What is Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce?

Hot sauces such as Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce are used to add an extra kick to foods.

Most Sheetz stores serve it, and it has been around for more than 40 years.

This spicy sauce is made with soybean oil, sugar, distilled vinegar, egg yolk, aged cayenne pepper (capsicum annum), garlic (bothTo sativum), and red bell pepper, and is versatile enough to be used for any dish.

The sauce comes in two flavors: Original and Extra Hot.

Both original and extra hot flavors are milder than the original, but both possess an intense heat that can light up your senses.

Although Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce is perfect for those who like spicy food, it can also be used by those who don’t like spicy food to enhance the taste of their dishes.

The 1952 sauce can be purchased for $12.89 at most Sheetz locations or online at Amazon.

Several awards have been given to Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce in the past few years, and it has become a staple condiment at Sheetz.

What Does Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce Taste Like? Does Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce Taste Good?

The consistency of Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce is similar to a thick, red liquid with visible pieces.

Sweet, tangy, and spicy is how the flavor is described.

There is more sugar in the Original flavor than in the Extra Hot, and it has a milder tongue taste.

Despite its intense flavor, there is no noticeable spice unless you eat something else that is not spicy after eating it.

Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce’s Original flavor has a tart taste and a powerful heat that you will feel throughout your mouth.

With the Extra Hot variety, you can balance sweetness with more spice to add another layer of flavor to any dish.

It might not be a good choice for people who do not like spicy foods since both varieties are spicy.

In addition to being a dipping sauce for french fries, Sheetz Boom Boom sauce can also be used in mac and cheese.

It will add some heat to your usual bowl of noodles, soup, beans, salad, steak, or chicken, something that you may not have thought of before.

In terms of taste, Sheetz’s Extra Hot Boom Boom Sauce is like eating cayenne peppers by themselves, but in sauce form.

Try it with mac & cheese or french fries if you are feeling brave, however, because the spice can always be tamed.

It’s the perfect condiment for those who want to try something different because it’s sweet with just enough heat to stand out.

How to Make Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce?

In addition to being perfect for those who love spicy foods, Sheetz boom boom sauce can also be used by those who do not like spicy food to boost the flavor of their dish.

You can make this spicy sauce at home by following these steps:

Step One:

 Combine soybean oil, distilled vinegar, and sugar in a small saucepan.

In a small saucepan, heat the sugar until dissolved completely, about three minutes.

All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed before you use it as the Sheetz boom boom sauce base.

Step Two:

 Combine egg yolks and aged cayenne pepper in a small bowl.

The flavor of your sauce will come from this.

Mixing these ingredients thoroughly ensures there are no chunks of soybean oil or sugar left over.

At this point, the mixture should resemble scrambled eggs.

Step Three: 

Garlic and red bell pepper should be added to the mixture.

You can use a food processor here so that your ingredients are finely chopped, but be careful not to overmix, or you’ll end up with a paste-like sauce instead of one with chunks.

Step Four: 

After making the soybean oil, vinegar, and sugar mixture from steps two and three, mix it with the egg yolk mixture you just made from steps two and three.

In order to prevent chunks of soybean oil from forming in the sauce, it’s imperative that you thoroughly mix the ingredients.

You should be able to pour the Sheetz boom boom sauce now, but it should not be watery.

Step Five: 

 Before serving, allow the sauce to sit in the fridge for about four hours to thicken up a bit and develop its flavor.

How to Serve Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce?

Sheetz boom boom sauce can be served in a variety of ways.

The most popular way to eat it is on french fries or as a dip, but it is also an excellent addition to mac and cheese.

Spices like cumin and ginger can make dishes taste stronger without adding too much flavor.

Prepare all your ingredients, and then cook your patty according to usual. If you wish to try the sauce on a burger, ensure that all your ingredients are ready.

Add some extra mayo or ketchup to the top once the burger is cooked before adding the Sheetz boom boom sauce.

All meat dishes will benefit from this sauce.

Adding some heat to your meals can also be accomplished by using sheetz boom boom sauce in soups, beans, or as a salad dressing base.

How to Store Sheetz Boom Boom Sauce?

If you do not use it all within six months, make sure to store it in a cool, dark location and seal the container well. If you don’t use it all within six months, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to six months.

Light destroys the flavor of the sauce, so it will last longer this way.

To prevent soybean oil chunks from getting into your food, store the sauce in an airtight container.

You should not keep the sauce in the fridge for longer than six months because the flavor will fade over time.

Remove a small portion of Sheetz boom boom sauce from the container and let it thaw at room temperature before adding to your meal.


Boom Boom Sauce is a spicy condiment that enhances the flavor of a variety of dishes.

The Sheetz Boom Boom sauce will do the trick if you’re looking for a spicy sauce.

You don’t need to live in Pennsylvania or near one of their locations.

The easy instructions in this article will show you how to make your own sheets of boom boom sauce at home so you’ll never have to go out for dinner again.

If you want to read more about cooking, read here: Cooking Tips and Tricks.

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