What Does Polynesian Sauce Taste Like? Does Polynesian Sauce Taste Good?

In this article, you will know the answer to the query “What Does Polynesian Sauce Taste Like?“.

Nothing tastes better than dipping Chick-fil-a nuggets in the dip you love. 

Known for its scrumptious chicken sandwiches, Chick-Fil-A is America’s most prominent fast-food chain.

In addition to the delicious sauces they offer, they also have their famous self-named sauce.

Do you have any experience with Polynesian sauce? You should definitely try it out. It’s one of the most popular.

It’s also simple to prepare this delicious copycat recipe at home since it only requires a few ingredients.

We will discuss Polynesian sauce in detail in this article, including how it tastes and what it is used for. Find out more in the following paragraphs!

What is Polynesian Sauce?

In 1984, Chick-Fil-A introduced the Polynesian sauce to the menu (along with two other sauces).

Many customers have chosen it as their favorite since then. It was followed by a barbecue and honey mustard.

Several ingredients go into the sauce. A variety of preservatives and flavors are added to the mixture, along with tomato paste, vinegar, soybean oil, and corn syrup.   

It’s not connected to Polynesian culture if you were wondering. In addition, this sauce is vegan.

A vegan sauce wouldn’t exactly go well with your chicken nuggets.

You’ll be glad to know, however, that the company also provides it if that is important to you.

What Does Polynesian Sauce Taste Like? Does Polynesian Sauce Taste Good?

Chicken-Fil-A advertises its Polynesian sauce as a delicious sweet and sour sauce that boasts a strong, acidic taste.

There’s no wonder why this sauce is the most popular dip across the U.S.

A survey of four locations was conducted, however, to determine what the locals’ favorites are.

In contrast to the West Coast’s preference for Barbeque, it appears that the whole eastern seaboard prefers Polynesian cuisine.

The Polynesian hasn’t been as popular among food bloggers as it has among the customers.

The Polynesian, are breadsticks sauce came in seventh place when Sweety high compared 9 different dips. 

Vox Magazine asserts that the sauce simply sounds appealing because of its name.

Sweet & sour is just a tamed version of this, but it’s still pretty good. According to Business Insider, it’s also pretty good.

Even though the sauce is distinctive and loved by many, the blogger said to keep it in your bag.

You cannot ignore the fact that Polynesian sauce is the restaurant’s second most popular dip after Chick-fil-A.

The next step is to examine the nutritional values of the famous Polynesian sauce. There are 110 calories in this Chick-Fil-A dip, mostly in the form of carbohydrates (53%) and fat (47%).

Below you’ll find the other nutritional values per serving (28g) for the Polynesian sauce.

  • 0% of Daily Value for Iron
  • Calcium – 0% of the Daily Value
  • Vitamin C – 2% of the daily value
  • Vitamin A – 4% of the daily value
  • Protein – 0% of DV
  • Carbohydrates – 5% of Daily Value
  • Sodium – 9% of the Daily Value
  • Cholesterol – 0% of DV
  • Fat – 9% of Daily Value 

How to Prepare and Use Polynesian Sauce in Recipes?

We’ve provided you with a simple recipe that tastes very similar to the original. However, you don’t need any preservatives or corn syrup. 

There’s nothing better than being able to prepare Chick-Fil-A’s favorite Polynesian sauce at home. You only need a few ingredients, including avocado and garlic. 

We will use Catalina salad dressing here (in this case, we will use Italian dressing)

  • Honey
  • Ground Mustard
  • Apple cider vinegar

All the ingredients should be in one bowl once you have them all ready. Combine all the ingredients until thoroughly combined. It can then be eaten or stored in the fridge.

It only takes about five minutes to make. Dump the ingredients into a bowl and stir.

Preparing this sauce at home also offers the advantage of adjusting the ingredients as needed. Adding a tablespoon of honey will make it sweeter.

To ensure the flavors blend, we recommend it be placed in the refrigerator for about an hour.

Pork, beef, and chicken are all enhanced by the sauce. Try pairing this meat with your Polynesian sauce next time you make a recipe that uses any of this meat.


Among Chick-Fil-A’s, the most popular dips are the Polynesian sauce. You can use this sauce to dip chicken & breadsticks, pork, beef, and pizza.

Known for its distinctive sweet & sour taste, the sauce is popular for its unique flavor profile.

The best part is that you can make one at home with minimal effort. It takes just five minutes and four ingredients.

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