What Does A Century Egg Taste Like? Does A Century Egg Taste Good?

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There are many ways to prepare eggs, such as boiling, frying, scrambling, or even making an omelet. However, did you know that some eggs are aged before they are sold?

These are called century eggs and are a unique taste experience for adventurous eaters.

In addition to salt, rice wine, and a little bit of lime in these eggs, you’ll find traditional Chinese spices as well. Before the eggs are ready, they are allowed to age for about three months.

Specifically, we will discuss how century eggs are made, what they taste like, and who eats them.

Some people find the idea of eating aged eggs gross because they can sometimes look rotten or spoiled on its shell surface, but if you’re new to this food item, here are some tips to help you.

What is a Century Egg?

Centennial eggs are preserved duck or chicken eggs that have been coated in clay, ash, and salt.

In the Qing dynasty (1644-1912), Chinese farmers developed this method of preserving eggs to preserve them without refrigeration for long periods during the winter months.

This dish is a preserved Chinese delicacy dating back more than a century. Due to their high alkalinity level, century eggs are made by soaking eggs in salt water and then covering them with lime for about 100 days to produce the sulfurous or ammonia-like odor.

Upon oxidation, the yolk becomes dark green and the white becomes an icky yellow color, but the outside becomes a deep black crust.

Process of Making Century Egg

The first step is to choose the right eggs. It’s important to use very fresh eggs. Shells that are dry and cracked cannot be used for this process since they break and crack during the boiling stage, causing contamination.

In the second step, they are boiled in a solution of water and salt until they are cooked through. To make the pickling solution, you must dissolve the salt in water and add the lime.

After that, the eggs are placed in pre-packaged jars or buckets with lids (with layers of eggs) for around 100 days before consumption.

Eventually, the eggs will turn dark brown or greenish-black in color.

Remove the eggs after 100 days and carefully peel them with your fingers to reveal their yolk which has turned into a dark green-black color with an earthy odor.

What Does A Century Egg Taste Like? Does A Century Egg Taste Good?

China typically consumes Century eggs, a type of preserved food containing chicken eggs or duck eggs as the primary ingredients.

Depending on how the dish is prepared, there are many different ways to make it, resulting in various tastes and textures.

Some people serve them with soy sauce, ginger, and scallion. In addition to eating them as a snack with tea or rice wine, they can also be used in various dishes like congee or noodles.

The smell of Century eggs is similar to that of ammonia, which many people find unpleasant at first taste. Earthy with hints of ammonia, the taste is usually described as earthy.

Is Century Egg Good for Health?

Its low carbohydrate content and high protein content make Century eggs a popular diet food.

As well as vitamins and minerals, eggs contain vitamin A, which is essential to eye health, as well as calcium, which helps build strong bones and regulate the heartbeat.

Despite its pungent aroma and peculiar taste, some people may not find century eggs appealing.

Century eggs contain a high amount of sulfur amino acids, so they are said to improve skin complexion and strengthen nails. No scientific studies have been conducted to support these claims.

It is also possible to build up sulfur in the blood vessels and cause inflammation, which is a side effect of eating century eggs regularly.

Do You Need to Cook Century Egg?

Century eggs are safe to eat without cooking because they have been cured for 100 days. They can be peeled and eaten whole.

Soak the century egg yolk in water for several hours before peeling it to make it gooier and easier to peel.

As well as stir-fries, salads, and pasta dishes, you can use them in other dishes as well.

A century egg’s flavor changes when it is cooked. However, these eggs are not for everyone.


To conclude, if you want to try something new and adventurous, buy century eggs. Besides being a great source of protein, they are low in sodium, cholesterol-free, and contain no fat or cholesterol.

Due to their high levels of hydrogen sulfide, they can be harmful to health, which is why doctors do not recommend eating them every day regularly.

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