How To Thicken Pancake Batter? Easy Guide To Fix Pancake Batter?

In North America, pancake batter is one of the most popular breakfast foods.

The only ingredients are flour, eggs, milk, and butter, making it one of the simplest.

However, a simple recipe can be messed up in several ways.

Because each of the ingredients has a complex effect on the batter, despite its simplicity.

In this article, you will know the answer to the query “How To Thicken Pancake Batter?“.

Depending on which ingredient is used, the consistency can change. The consistency of a pancake batter is different between a thin one and a thick one.

The type of flour you use in the batter, as well as the amount of milk you use, plays a major role in its success.

When you add too much milk to your batter, it thins it out too much and results in light and fluffy pancakes.

A batter that does not have enough milk will thicken when you fry it in a pan or skillet.

We will be discussing temperature, milk content, and flour ratios, and how to fix thin pancake batter in this article.

Common Mistakes When Making Pancake Batter?

You may make a few mistakes when making pancake batter.

When making pancakes that are too thin or gluey, it is important to learn how to fix them.

Listed below are some common mistakes you can make when making pancake batter:

  • You might end up with dry, mushy pancakes instead of fluffy pancakes if you add too much liquid.
  • Too early to cook – The pancakes need time to fully blend all the ingredients before they’re cooked so that they don’t have any lumps when they’re done. It is usually an indication that too much liquid is present when pancakes are cooked right after mixing.
  • When combined with certain ingredients, baking powder can ruin pancakes if added too much. You probably added way more than needed to your batter if it foams up quite a bit before cooking.
  • A recipe that calls for too much flour may result in dense pancakes, especially if it is low-fat. Make sure you follow the ratio recommended by the recipe.
  • Butter melted instead of softened – By adding melted butter, you may ruin the perfect consistency of your batter and produce soggy pancakes. Before mixing in the butter, make sure you have softened it.
  • Do not leave lumps in the batter – If you leave the lumps in the batter, then it will be lumpy and hard to spread evenly. Using a wire whisk or even an electric blender is a better way to achieve thorough blending.
  • In a recipe, adding milk and flour at different temperatures makes it difficult to mix. Combine the flour and milk before adding to the pancake batter to make sure they are at equal temperature.
  • When baking recipes using old eggs, like pancakes, there is more risk of them failing. Eggs age and lose moisture, making them drier, which can cause the batter to be too thick.

How to Thicken Pancake Batter?

Thickening pancake batter is accomplished using a variety of methods.

Baking powder is used by some, eggs are used by others, while still others lower the amount of milk added to the mix.

Here are some methods of thickening pancakes that are popular:

1. Add More Flour

In most pancake recipes, flour is the main ingredient.

This is one of the most important thickeners you need to work with and can be added to pancake batter in the following ways:

  • A thicker pancake can be made by adding more flour, but this won’t result in a better texture because it will include other unwanted factors, such as a grainier consistency.
  • By adding cornmeal or oats to your batter, you will absorb moisture and thicken it up. Pancakes made this way are healthier and more nutritious.
  • In addition to buttermilk powder, buttermilk also thickens. You won’t have to worry about lumps when mixing it into the batter. If the buttermilk powder doesn’t provide enough rise, you can also add a little baking powder.

2. Add Eggs

It is great to thicken food with eggs. You can make your batter very gooey and spreadable with one or two eggs.

In addition, this method helps to remove excess moisture from the pancake mix. If you like your pancakes moist, this recipe is perfect for you.

You must be careful, however, as adding too much of this thickener may turn your pancakes taste eggy.

3. Use Buttermilk

A good way to add moisture and flavor to pancake batter is by adding buttermilk.

In addition to thickening pancake batter, buttermilk powder, which is quicker to mix in, is also an effective thickener.

To make your pancakes fluffy, you should use a combination of baking soda and vinegar.

The fact that only one container must be filled makes this convenient for most people.

4. Add Cornmeal

You can use this to thicken pancakes if the mixture has too much liquid.

It is possible to add more flour, but cornmeal is a more effective thickening agent.

Add the cornmeal after all the ingredients have been mixed to avoid lumps.

After learning how to thicken pancakes, give these simple tips a try on your favorite pancake recipe.


The last thing anyone likes are soggy or flat pancakes.

If you want to make your pancakes taste and feel better, make sure you add the right ingredients to your batter.

Pancakes don’t have to be difficult to make, but they should taste good.

If you follow all the tips shared here on thickening pancake batter, you’ll be able to make the perfect batch of pancakes every time.

If a recipe is bland, do not just follow it; always add your ingredients and combos to improve it and make it your own.

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