How To Thicken Milkshake? Easy Guide To Thicken A Milkshake?

You can make milkshakes with different flavors and thickeners.

Cold and thick inconsistency, it is typically consumed cold. Typically it consists primarily of milk and cream.

Drinking milkshakes requires a straw that can be attached to tall glasses.

In this article, we will discuss the query “How To Thicken Milkshake?“.

Drinkers can avoid spilling the beverage on their faces or clothes while sipping it.

American bars and parties typically serve milkshakes at their events.

People visiting the US should not miss such an opportunity to try this drink since it isn’t a common drink here.

To make your milkshake thick enough for drinking and serving, we will explain a few tips in this article.

How to Make and Serve Milkshake?

You must prepare the following before you can make a milkshake:

  • Ice cream, sugar, whipped cream, and milk are all ingredients.
  • The blender will help you blend all the ingredients into one drink. When you want a smooth drink with no lumps, this tool comes in handy.

Blend the ingredients after they have been squeezed thoroughly.

If you want your milkshake to be smooth and silky, you need to follow this process.

Depending on the sweetness you desire, the amount of sugar will be adjusted according to your taste.

Ice cream should be used in a quantity proportional to the amount of cream and milk you will be using.

These are the steps you need to take:

  • Start by taking your ingredients by choosing ice cream, whipped cream, milk, and sugar. Put all of these ingredients into the blender before you begin mixing.
  • When you are ready to serve the milkshake, take a spoon and wait for some time before you scoop it. You may want to let the milk be frothy because this will enhance your enjoyment of it.
  • You may need to use your blender again if there are still lumps of cream or any other ingredient. Immediately serve the milkshake after it has been blended.
  • You can use fruits like strawberries, chocolate chips, or anything that suits your taste as the garnish for the milkshake.

In its thick, creamy, and sweet consistency, milkshakes are a type of drink.

The tall glasses make this beverage look appealing when served, and they prevent people from spilling it as they take a sip or finish it.

There are many occasions when milkshakes can be served, including birthdays and parties, among others.

To avoid complaints regarding the taste of the drink from kids, prepare new glasses that have never been used before. Otherwise, you may suffer from complaints about the taste of the drink.

Whatever ingredients you use to garnish your milkshake, it is up to you.

Others like to top their drinks with cherries or even cookies as a topping, while others prefer chocolate sprinkles.

Common Mistakes When Making Milkshake?

When making milkshakes, people often make a few mistakes that can negatively affect the drink.

The following are some examples of mistakes:

1. Using too much milk

If you use too much milk, it will result in weak density. Using large amounts of cream, sugar, and other ingredients results in strong density.

Additionally, the beverage becomes watery. You can avoid this by using whipped cream instead of milk or using less milk to make the texture of your drink more manageable.

2. Adding ice

Adding ice to your milkshake can make it more quickly freeze, which is why some people do that.

Drinks with ice tend to lose their flavor, so it is best not to incorporate it into them. The ice also melts and affects the drink’s consistency.

3. Adding ice cream but no milk

There is a high likelihood that your milkshake will become runny if you add whipped cream before the ice cream since one of its primary components (milk) will be absorbed by the whipped cream.

The consistency of the drink will not be good, especially if you intend to serve it to children.

4. Not blending the ingredients enough

Even if the milkshake tastes just like you imagined, there might still be lumps or chunks of cream or milk.

To avoid this, you should blend all the ingredients well before serving them to your guests.

5. Using the wrong topping

Besides fruits like pineapple, kiwi, and cherries that you can put on your milkshake, there are a lot of other toppings.

You can overpower the texture of a drink by adding strong flavors. Think twice before adding them.

6. Not giving it enough time before serving

If you can, give the milkshake some time to sit. The ingredients will mix better if they have some time to sit.

It is also useful to note its thickness because you can use thicker glasses for tall drinks and thinner ones for shorter drinks.

How to Thicken Milkshake?

If you make a milkshake without using the right ingredients, it can be easily diluted.

The following tips will help you thicken your milkshake:

1. Add Less Milk

Adding less cream, milk, or crushed ice to your drink will help thicken it without overpowering its texture.

Drinks are normally consumed before they get cold, so this allows you to prevent spills and accidents by thickening the beverage.

2. Add More Ice Cream


Adding more ice cream to your milkshake will mask the taste of watered-down milk or cream, which is common when serving it to kids or sweet-toothedtastiertastier people.

Also, you can thicken the milkshake by putting extra ice cream in it.

3. Blend the Ingredients

Adding all your beverage ingredients together and blending until smooth is another way to thicken a milkshake.

The use of this method will help dissolve large particles of ice cream, milk, or other ingredients that are hard to dissolve, such as crumbs or whipped cream.

4. Add More Fruits

You can greatly improve the taste of your milkshake by adding fresh fruits like strawberries or bananas.

You can add more of them to make your beverages taste better if they taste too watered down by too much cream or milk. They are sweet and flavorful, so; you can use more of them to make your beverages taste better.

Additionally, they are good thickeners due to their high fiber content.

5. Freeze the Drink

Before serving your milkshake to guests at a party or get-together, make sure your milkshake is ice cold.

Avoid stirring when preparing your drink to avoid letting water seep in. This is extremely important if you want to keep it longer.

When the drink is frozen for a few hours, it becomes much thicker.

6. Add Cookies for Thickening Milkshake

It is also possible to thicken your milkshake by adding cookies, which will provide the drink with a good texture and consistency.

The cookie should be ground so that it doesn’t disturb your guests too much.

You shouldn’t let them overpower the flavor of your drink.

7. Use Heavy Whipping Cream Instead of Milk

If you are using plain milk instead of heavy whipping cream, you can change the texture of your milkshake.

The higher fat content of heavy cream will thicken and make the beverage taste tastier, as it is thicker and tastier than regular milk.

The only thing you have to be careful about is not using too much. It will make the beverage runny again otherwise.

To avoid having a watered taste, you need to ensure that the cream is frothy.


According to our opinion, milkshakes make great refreshing drinks when prepared properly and if they’re delicious.

You should thicken it properly if you are serving it at parties or get-togethers so that it is not too diluted compared to a typical store-bought milkshake.

You should not mess with the drink’s recipe, however, if you’re trying to lose weight or want a drink that doesn’t have as many calories as possible. Adding more milk and cream into your beverage can make it unhealthy.

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