How To Thicken Lemon Butter Sauce? Easy Guide To Save Lemon Butter Sauce?

Fish, chicken, or vegetables can be served with a lemon butter sauce, a classic French recipe.

It also goes well with roasted meats, like lamb or pork.

In this article, you will know the answer to the query “How To Thicken Lemon Butter Sauce?“.

It can be made in less than 15 minutes and the refrigerator will keep it for two days.

Alternatively, you can prepare the sauce in bulk and freeze it.

Although the sauce is very simple to make, there are a few tips that will ensure your success with it.

You want to avoid salt overpowering the delicate lemon flavor, so use unsalted butter and add it at the very end.

The sauce will drip slowly from the spoon because it is quite thin.

Depending on the final dish, you can choose among several ways to thicken it.

The following article examines some common methods of thickening lemon butter sauces.

Common Mistakes When Making Lemon Butter Sauce?

It’s best to keep the butter sauce warm before serving, but if you can’t resist, rewarm it in a small saucepan.

Cooks will often slice or cube the butter and throw it into the saucepan.

The problem is that this means you are melting butter rather than allowing it to dissolve in a liquid.

Furthermore, when the butter is melted, it must only be warm enough so that it mixes easily with the lemon juice and other ingredients.

Too much heat will evaporate the water in the butter, resulting in a coarse sauce and separation.

If you make this recipe again, melt the butter first and measure the amount you need for your recipe.

Using smooth, melted butter makes the sauce more stable than adding butter cubes or slices to the pan.

How To Thicken Lemon Butter Sauce?

Cooling will cause the sauce to thicken naturally.

For dinner parties with friends or entertaining guests, you can use this technique with large batches of sauce.

Lemon butter sauce can also be thickened in many ways that are suitable for most recipes.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available to you.

1. Cook Your Sauce Longer

It is common to find that lemon butter sauce thickens as it cools. To thicken the sauce, simply leave it on the heat after you have taken it off the heat.

Simmer it for about ten more minutes on a stovetop.

2. Add Cornstarch Or A Starch

There are many ways to do this, but it isn’t one I always employ.

This is because some starches can alter the flavor of the sauce.

Lemon butter has to also be quite thin since a thinner consistency will be much more effective at coating food.

When thickening lemon butter sauce with cornstarch, add a tablespoon or two to the saucepan when heating it.

Add the bourbon and stir with a balloon whisk before removing the mixture from heat.

By doing this, you will make a thickened sauce that has no starch flavor.

Many people add flour to thicken lemon butter sauce, but this isn’t necessary for every instance.

When thickening a dish, roux is a great way to preserve the flavor without affecting the taste.

Melt the butter in your pan by adding small amounts at a time, stirring until it is all melted

The butter mustn’t get too hot because if it does, it will burn.

It will be necessary to start over and make sure you don’t add too much butter at once if this happens.

3. Add A Thickening Agent

A third ingredient can be added to your sauce if it is not thick enough.

For example, when serving lemon butter sauce over rice or pasta, this is the best method.

Additionally, cream of tartar is a common thickener that will make your sauce richer and more flavorful while also adding volume.

4. Add Sugar Or Syrup

Lemon butter sauce will quickly thicken if you add sugar or syrup.

There are some disadvantages to this method, such as altering the overall taste, sweetness, and color of the sauce.

If you’d like to quickly and easily thicken your sauce, this is not always a good technique, but if you want to do it quickly, it’s a good trick to know.

Stir in 1 tablespoon of sugar or half a tablespoon of maple syrup to the other ingredients when you are cooking your sauce.

5. Cook The Lemon Butter Sauce In A Bain Marie

Lemon butter sauce can be thickened with this easy trick without changing the taste.

You can simply put your saucepan of food in an already boiling pot of water to create a bain-marie, which is essentially the same as a hot water bath.

It works in a very simple way.

Pour boiling water around your saucepan with lemon butter sauce to create a double boiler and thicken the sauce.

You then need to let the mixture simmer for about ten minutes, stirring it regularly as you go.

6. Add Cornflour

The thickening property of cornflour enables it to be used in a wide variety of recipes.

If you want to thicken your lemon butter sauce, simply add a couple of tablespoons of cornflour when it’s done cooking.

Be sure to mix this into the rest of the ingredients as well, and then simmer for a few minutes until thickened.


7. Using a Liaison

The use of egg yolk as a thickener is known as egg yolk.

A yolk will help thicken your sauce quickly while also improving the flavor.

Stir in about 30 grams of egg yolk to the sauce after it has been off the heat and added three tablespoons of butter.

8. Less Is More

Using less butter overall may help you thicken lemon butter sauce without altering its flavor.

Moreover, it eliminates the need to add any extra ingredients, as it won’t become too thick.

It’s also possible to use another type of butter since salted butter is usually higher in fat.


In summary, there are several ways to thicken lemon butter sauce.

If you do not make any major additions or changes to your recipe, then it will thicken without taking away too much flavor.

In case you want something thick and creamy, you can use a liaison or thickening agent, but if you want something simpler, you can add syrup or sugar to your sauce.

Alternatively, you could just use less butter.

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