About Us

It’s Rehmat Dietitian here, and food means a great deal to me.

An unmistakable aroma of fresh cooking filling the house, bringing the family together, cannot be replaced.

If everyone is enjoying a perfect lunch, and the table is set up beautifully, that’s when I feel best.

It’s our goal to bring you that feeling. 

  • There is more to food than mere sustenance or necessity. 
  • Family bonds are forged over food.
  • There is something unique about food.
  • It is said that food is love. 

You can almost achieve anything you want with a perfect meal, according to me. For this reason, I am always cooking something. You will find my love for food here, every day. 

My site will give you everything you need, including my recipes and little cooking tips and tricks, as well as advice for making sure everything runs smoothly in the kitchen.

By following me, you’ll learn everything you need to know about cooking and preparing hearty meals as I have for almost my entire life.

Cooking is something anyone can learn and enjoy. You can become a great cook if you have love and dedication! With the right help, you can accomplish it even faster.

Since I am not a trained chef, I was initially unsure I could help anyone at all.

I was able to realize this through conversations over coffee with my friends. There were many questions they asked about particular recipes, ingredients, and appliances. There were several times they thanked me afterward.

My goal became to help people become better cooks and make a positive difference in the world.

Having the opportunity to cook the perfect meal for your family brings a similar sense of joy and fun. 

I had that mindset when I created EatGoodGuide- everybody deserves to be good in the kitchen and everyone should enjoy it.

My passion quickly spread as I shared it with everyone. I started out as a hobby, but it soon evolved into more.

Over time, I learned how to cook myself and connected with some people to assist me. With my team, I’m running EatGoodGuide and sharing my love of food with the world.

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